Amy Ritchie Johnson, The Virtue of Dissent, ext. 1708, November 28, 2017

[T]he artists here are trafficking energetically in a language of dissent against (from within) common expectation and assumption, maybe even against the culturally and art school conditioned mind of the artist. Their effort ultimately brings a reinvigorated freedom of experience to the viewer, whose own mind pushes claustrophobically against “the box” all day long every day, and finds, in this exhibition, plenty of fresh undefined air.


Material Issue exhibition catalog, KMAC Museum

curated by Joey Yates, KMAC Associate Curator, and Aldy Milliken, KMAC Executive Director and Chief Curator, July 1 - September 25, 2016


Caroline Cobb Wright, Sarah Briland: Problematica, UrbanGlass, November 18, 2015 

A walk amongst her specimens evokes an eerie understanding of pollution and biology and the inevitable merging of the two into matter that is our 21st century legacy on the terrain: a chemically altered landscape resulting from our celebrated technological progress.